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A destined team of animal-loving-professionals has come together to offer the Philadelphia neighborhoods of Fishtown, Northern Liberties, and Fairmount the stellar walking services & quality care that your pets deserve.



I've always been smitten with animals. My family often joked that it was a toss up between "kitty", "puppy", and "cookie" for my first word- and those worlds have always been intertwined. Interacting with and caring for animals is fun and nourishing.


Whether it was chasing pigeons, cuddling my best friends' cats, walking my neighbors' dogs, or watching horses trot at the nearby stable where I grew up in Brooklyn- I've always felt a real kinship with animals. I've owned and raised gerbils, kittens, a senior special needs dog, and am currently a proud mama to a boxer/german short-haired pointer mix named Bruce Wayne Lee! 


My flexible schedule, ample experience working with animals and passion for personal connections makes me (and my team) your

go-to caretaker(s) for your loved ones!









Alex Nordquist

Alex is a life long dog lover, pet sitter, and dog walker. Alex grew up alongside her beloved pet golden retriever Hanna-Belle, and spent much of her youth volunteering to care for the pets of her neighbors, friends, and family whenever she had the chance. She actively seeks any opportunity to spend time outdoors and around animals, as their presence bring her tremendous joy and comfort. She has experience caring for dogs of all ages, from puppies-in-training to elderly dogs with a variety of different needs and disabilities.

Alex's educational background and previous work experience are in the field of Sustainable Food Systems. She is originally from Boston, where she engaged teenagers in social justice training on urban farms. Most recently, she lived in NYC where she taught garden-based curriculum at an elementary school, and she continues to pursue a variety of sustainable farming and educational opportunities in Philadelphia.

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